About Us

Arman Chimi Pars Company started its activities in Iran in 2004, aiming to promote the supply and distribution of laboratory equipment and chemicals including industrial and laboratory.
The Compnay has the honour to be the exclusive Representatives (Agents) of KAVALIER Company ( Czech Republic), TECHNOSKLO Company ( Czech Republic ) And NEOFROXX Company ( Germany ) in Iran.

The services and capabilities of Armanchimi Pars Company Are as following :

  • Laboratory Equipment:
    Exclusive imports of the products of KAVALIER Company under the commercial brand of SIMAX and the products of TECHNOSKLO Company as well.
    Considering the increase of fake brands and the low quality of laboratory glassware which exist in the market and can create irreparable problems as well as the lack of safety in the Research And Production Laboratories, Armanchimi Pars glassware of TECHOSKLO and SIMMAX brands from Czech Republic. All  the items required by the Research and Production Institutes, are  extensively available in the warehouse of the Company and  can be forwarded to the dear researchers
  • Chemicals
    Exclusive Representative (Agent) of NEOFROXX Products of Germany In Iran.
    All Research And Laboratory items of NEOFROXX Company possess high purity